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Insights No 11

11th of February, 2021

Strong Cities Network hosts 70 mayors in conversation with the Dalai Lama,
How Russian Influence Operations Travel Across the Internet,
New SCN report highlights resilience-building in the Balkans,
New toolkit compiles insights for local authorities on how to respond to a terror attack
Nordic Safe Cities launches new Together for Safety series of webinars (soon available as archived video),
ISD conducted its first training for its Young Digital Leaders educational tools
ISD in the Media:
CNN, Don Lemon Tonight: Chloe Colliver spoke to Don Lemon as a featured guest on January 15th and January 21st,
Cécile Guerin talks about the interaction between the yoga world and QAnon from her personal experience in Wired,
and a lot more.

Insights No 9

13th of November, 2020
Bankrolling Hate, German online extremism, Coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook, and more.

Insights No 8

20th of October, 2020
Online abuse of candidates in the US 2020 Elections, ISD launches Digital Dispatches, Strong Cities Network 5 Year Anniversary, and more.

Insights No 7

22nd of September, 2020
ISD Uncovers Substantial Online Jihadist Cache, weekly newsletter Lens on Hate is launched, Launch of London's Shared Endeavour Fund, and more.

Insights No 6

20th of August, 2020
ISD responds to the crisis in Lebanon, A Snapshot of Holocaust Denial Across Social Media, ISD identifies pro-Chinese Communist Party Twitter networks, and more.

Insights No 5

3rd of July, 2020
Anatomy of a disinformation empire: Investigating NaturalNews, An online environmental scan of right-wing extremism in Canada, Telegram: A safe space for white supremacy?, and more.

Insights No 4

June, 2020
COVID-19 Disinformation Briefing No.4, How to support BAME communities during COVID-19, COVID-19, Misinformation, and Anti-Muslim Violence in India, and more.

Insights No 3

May, 2020
COVID-19 Disinformation Briefing No.3, Webinar to Watch: 'Preventing Violent Extremism in the Classroom' at SXSW, Jacob Davey (Senior Research Manager) spoke to The Guardian about how COVID-19 may be giving extremists opportunities to recruit, and more.

Insights No 2

May, 2020
ISD Investigation with BBC Click: Far-right spreads COVID-19 'infodemic' on Facebook, Comparing Jihadist and Far-Right Extremist Narratives on COVID-19, Strong Cities Network: Helping local leaders respond to COVID-19, and more.

Insights No 1

April, 2020
Covid 19 Briefing #2: How White Supremacists and the far-right are mobilising in the US, Webinar of the Week: 'Using Social Listening to confront Covid 19' as part of the Skoll World Forum, Zahed Amanullah (Resident Fellow) spoke out about his experience being ‘Zoom-bombed’ by an unidentified user sharing racist slurs and images, and more.