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ISD’s blog for the latest in data-driven research on hate, disinformation and extremism.
ISD unveils a coordinated campaign by at least 64 accounts likely using content generated by ChatGPT to undermine support for Navalny, his associate and their organisation, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF).
This analysis measures attitudes towards Ukraine among the top shared posts on Facebook and X, formerly Twitter, to understand potential changes over time as well as differences across geographies. The findings evidence an increasing penetration of anti-Ukraine rhetoric among highly engaged posts on Facebook and X.
At the height of COVID-19, Wellness and New Age influencers shared anti-vaccine content, with many straying explicitly into conspiracies such as QAnon and becoming key conduits for "conspirituality." With the pandemic subsiding, conspirituality has not waned. ISD analyses how Wellness and New Age influencers are talking about climate.
Our latest coverage of the Israel-Hamas Conflict.
ISD analysis the types of online antisemitism seen in the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent conflict, in YouTube comments
In diesem Digital Dispatch hat das ISD deutschsprachige, extremistische Reaktionen verschiedenster Couleur auf den Israel-Hamas Konflikt seit dem 7. Oktober gesammelt.
In this Dispatch, we explore the differences with comparing Hamas to ISIS when it comes to the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.
Featured research from across our work

This report examines the spikes in misogynistic and abusive content on social media during 2022 following nine significant US-based events.
This research project is the first landscape study of the online ecosystem where mis- and disinformation and conspiracy theories thrive in Ireland.
In this report, we examine how online platforms are used to produce, promote and contribute to the circulation of mis- and disinformation in Ireland.

Overviews of issues, trends, narratives, platforms and actors.
Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate involve dehumanizing, expressing contempt, demonizing, harassing, threatening or inciting violence based on an individual or community's Muslim identity (or perceived identity).
Salafism has proven attractive to Gen Z Muslims as an emerging youth counterculture. Its black-and-white views, rules-based value system, strong group identity, and provocative contrasts to the orthodoxies of the Islamic establishment resonate with this younger generation.
Rumble ist eine Videoplattform, die sich als YouTube-Alternative sieht und wegen ihrer undurchsichtigen Moderationspraxis bei Rechtsextremen beliebt ist