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This report looks at Facebook’s efforts to tackle COVID-19 misinformation by analysing the online presence of a group called the World Doctors Alliance.
Preliminary survey and analysis of one of the largest known online repositories of Islamic State materials, nicknamed the “Cloud Caliphate".
The report outlines an investigation by ISD into a series of Facebook groups and pages exhibiting suspicious, potentially coordinated and inauthentic activity.

ISD’s blog for the latest in data-driven research on hate, disinformation and extremism.
A new ISD report details the growth of the 'climate lockdown' conspiracy narrative, which claims that government overreach will be enacted under the pretext of climate change to strip people of civil liberties.
New ISD research draws on analysis of white supremacist chats on the encrypted messaging application Telegram to explore the complex relationship white supremacists have with the military.
Elise Thomas explains why anti-vaccination literature is being pushed to the top of search results at many online book retailers, beating out evidence-based information.
Thought-leadership on the next generation of extremism challenges and responses.
ISD is pioneering a series of efforts to further explore the intersection between gaming and extremism.
With the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks upon us, Eric Rosand writes for the RESOLVE Network about the growing relevance of cities in preventing and countering violent extremism.  
An overview of ISD's upcoming The Future of Extremism series: an ambitious programme of data-driven publications, thought-leading analysis and public events focused on the next generation of extremism challenges and responses.