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ISD’s blog for the latest in data-driven research on hate, disinformation and extremism.
In this Dispatch, ISD looks into Islamist and Catholic extremists' use of Discord as a case study on smaller social media platforms and their greater role in online subcultures and extremism.
Following Musk's interview with the BBC, and the ensuing debate around censorship and free speech, ISD's CEO, Sasha Havlicek, writes an op-ed addressing mischaracterization of the problems we face online and calling for improved transparency in relation to the social media platforms' algorithmic systems that distort the playing field for speech.
Footage from the Christchurch attack is available on TikTok, two years after research originally showed how easy it was to find.
Our latest coverage of the Russia-Ukraine War.
ISD released the first round of a video campaign in German, Arabic and Russian, aimed to counter pro-Kremlin mis- and disinformation targeting Ukrainian refugees in Germany. 
ISD's Tim Squirrell features in Sky News commenting on findings from Meta's quarterly adversarial threat report.
ISD's Tim Squirrell features in ABC News commenting on Meta's report on the evolution of pro-Russia online campaigns since the war began. 
Featured research from across our work

Spreading anti-government content while earning money for it? This report looks at the pull cryptocurrencies are having on a wide range of far-right extremists on Odysee.
This report looks at the use of the free software PeerTube by right-wing extremist and conspiracy ideological milieus in the German-speaking world.
This paper examines access to social media data for public-interest research, reviewing key lessons from industry-academia partnerships and providing targeted recommendations.

Overviews of narratives, movements and actors, produced with support from Microsoft.
The Reichsbürger movement is a German conspiracy movement similar to Sovereign Citizens, claiming that the German state is illegitimate and must be resisted.
An Incel ("involuntary celibate") is a member of an online subculture of people whose sense of identity is forged around a perceived inability to form sexual or romantic relationships. Incel ideology is violent, rooted in the hatred of women, and forms part of what has been dubbed the “manosphere”.
A decentralised, Satanist, neo-Nazi organization that has spread and become increasingly influential among accelerationist neo-Nazi groups in recent years.