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Our latest coverage of the Russia-Ukraine War.
ISD's Julia Smirnova features in DW speaking on the concerns around Russian influence operations exploiting fears and sowing social unrest in Germany.
Today's Dispatch looks at pro-Kremlin rhetoric attempting to discredit Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as ‘neo-Nazi’ states.
ISD's Moustafa Ayad's talks to DW about RT Arabic's popularity in the Middle East and how its winning the information war in the region.
ISD’s blog for the latest in data-driven research on hate, disinformation and extremism.
ISD has uncovered a large-scale Russian influence operation which has been targeting European audiences with disinformation and pro-Kremlin messages.
This Dispatch summarises our investigation on the Zemmour campaign’s social media strategy that may have violated platforms’ community guidelines.
Ahead of the Italian elections, this dispatch examines how the pandemic has pushed users toward alt news sources that are now spreading pro-Kremlin disinformation.  
Featured research from across our work

ISD identified a coordinated operation led by far-right French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour’s campaign team that may have repeatedly violated Facebook and Twitter’s terms.
In this multi-platform study, ISD finds the links between networks of Islamic State and other Salafi-jihadist propagators, and their deliberate buildout of self-branded news ops.
This study provides an overview of the key communities which were actively spreading mis- and disinformation on social media ahead of the 2022 French elections.

An overview of extremist narratives, movements & actors, produced with support from Microsoft.
The “manosphere” is an umbrella term that refers to a number of interconnected misogynistic communities. This ISD Explainer explores the more extreme and divisive proponents of these online communities.
The 'Great Replacement' conspiracy theory claims that Western and majority white countries are under threat from immigration and birth rates. It has inspired multiple terror attacks including the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings.
A decentralised, Satanist, neo-Nazi organization that has spread and become increasingly influential among accelerationist neo-Nazi groups in recent years.