Powering grassroots networks against hate and extremism

We have created and empowered grassroots networks around the world

Powering innovative technology and communications

We develop scalable models with cutting edge technology to tackle extremism

Powering education and resilience

Our education programmes build the resilience of young people to polarisation and extremism

Powering effective policymaking

By advising governments and connecting policymakers we ensure that counter-extremism policy reflects best practice

Powering cutting edge research and insights

Our in-depth analysis informs an understanding of global extremism trends and feeds into our work

Watch our short film about the Google.org and ISD £1 million innovation fund to counter hate and extremism in the UK. The fund supports innovative projects, online and offline, that seek to disrupt, undermine, counter, or provide positive alternatives to hate and extremism.

  • “I Left To Be Closer To Allah”

    Our new report looks at data from the largest collection of interviews with foreign fighters and those closest to them.


  • Hate Speech and Radicalisation

    Our latest German report shows the potential impact of disinformation on political polarisation and radicalisation.


  • Young Digital Leaders

    Pioneering project explores new ways of teaching digital citizenship to young people in Europe.


  • Google.org Innovation Fund

    We’re supporting 22 initiatives that seek to disrupt, counter, or provide positive alternatives to hate and extremism.