Upcoming events

19 Oct 2018 | Norfolk, UK

Be Internet Citizens School Workshop

This school workshop will provide students with essential skills to navigate social media, know how to respond to hate speech, and to use online tools responsibly.

23 Oct 2018 | Berlin, Germany

Monitoring Extremism Online – Deep Dive Session

The monitoring of right-wing extremist activities and networks online is an important building block to combat hate speech. For this event, we bring together monitoring experts, who will discuss and compare their research results.

29 Oct 2018 - 30 Oct 2018 | Birmingham, UK

Building Strong Cities Conference

This two-day conference will facilitate national and international knowledge-sharing on building strong cities with a specific focus on community cohesion, preventing and countering violent crime, and radicalisation.

13 Nov 2018 | Millbank Tower, London

OCCI Conference at Facebook Community Boost

This event will focus on building and engaging with communities online, with topics including online campaigning best practices, evaluating the impact of counterspeech campaigns, and how to best leverage tools available on Facebook.

19 Nov 2018 - 21 Nov 2018 | Mombasa, Kenya (dates TBC)

Young Cities

ISD’s Youth Civil Activism Network and Strong Cities Network are hosting a three-day training and empowerment event for young activists in Mombasa.