January 19, 2023 | AP

ISD report: Climate denialism & delayism surges online during COP27 despite platform policies

ISD’s Head of Climate Research, Jennie King, spoke to AP News about the findings from our mis- and disinformation monitoring work around COP27, and the threat posed by climate denialism and delayism narratives on public opinion and policy as they slip through platform safeguards.

“What’s happening in the information ecosystem poses a direct threat to action,” Jennie said to the AP. “It plants those seeds of doubt and makes people think maybe there isn’t scientific consensus.”

In the report, we highlight social media platforms’ role in the reach of these narratives.

TIME, PBS, POLITICO and other news agencies published the AP’s article. As a product of ISD-led CAAD (Climate Action Against Disinformation), this report follows the evolution of climate denial- and delayism online before, during and after COP27.

Our main findings are outlined in this press release.