August 17, 2022 | Newsy

ISD’s Katherine Keneally: Americans must end “us” versus “them” mentality

ISD Senior Analyst Katherine Keneally went on Newsy Tonight with Chance Seales to speak about the recent uptick in calls for civil war following the FBI Mar-a-Lago search. Katherine and Chance spoke about how different groups are now verbally targeting government figures in another “us” versus “them” escalation.

“We have to start by stopping this dichotomy of us versus them. We have put each other in buckets that is not helpful to conversations,” Katherine said. “It prevents us from having constructive conversations. We stop seeing each other as humans.”

Katherine explained that the U.S. public needs to find a commonality to unite behind. “So the problem right now is we don’t have a shared definition of patriotism anymore. The groups that call themselves patriots often are also anti-government,” she said. “We need to find something that is going to unite us.”