May 17, 2022 | BBC World News

The US must push to disengage individuals from turning to mainstream conspiracies in wake of Buffalo shooting

Like in many other mass shooter’s manifestos, including the 2019 El Paso shooting and the Christchurch mosque attack that same year, the ‘Great Replacement’ theory is referenced throughout the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto that came to light this weekend. ISD’s Head of Communications, Tim Squirrell, spoke with BBC World News about the 14 May shooting in Buffalo, New York, the theories that might’ve prompted the suspect’s radicalisation online, and prevention methods moving forward.

Tim brings up that while the US may have systems in place to arrest someone who is found to be planning an attack, it must do more to prevent and disengage vulnerable individuals who may be falling to extremist conspiracies. He also speaks on how embedded the theory has become in mainstream politics and media citing Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s continuous reference to the Great Replacement theory.