May 4, 2022 | VICE World News

UK sex education play cancelled following backlash by a Spain-based, religiously-linked advocacy group

ISD analysts Kata Balint and Lukasz Janulewicz spoke to VICE World News about CitizenGO, an organisation that plays a key role in an international network of ultra-conservative groups attempting to restrict sexual and reproductive health rights for women and LGBTQ+ people.

CitizenGO appears to have expanded its operations to the UK, recently contributing to efforts to shut down a sex education play through a petition that garnered 40,000 signatures.

For more details on CitizenGO and the global network, read our Digital Dispatch on the subject.

Graphic of Donald Trump with Q speech bubble

 September 23, 2022 | Washington Post

Stock music song twice appropriated by QAnon and Trump

ISD’s Jared Holt spoke to the Washington Post about the latest Donald Trump and QAnon crossover: an innocuous stock music song that's become a common theme for QAnon and the Trump campaign.