8 Mar 2022Online

The role of cities in addressing anti-minority and far-right activism: A SCN panel discussion grounded in practice

This discussion organised by the Strong Cities Network explored the rising threat of anti-minority and far-right activism, as well as associated conspiracy theory and anti-COVID-19 protest movements in cities across the US and Europe. Experts and local leaders came together to take part in this online panel discussion and share their own experiences of responding to anti-minority and far-right activism.

Panelists shared findings from a recent CREST-funded study ‘Hot periods’ of anti-minority activism and the threat of violent domestic extremism: Towards an assessment framework led by researchers from Coventry University, Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), University of Oslo and ISD. Discussion delved into the findings of this study and how they can support new policies and practices for cities dealing with extremism around the world.