November 12, 2021 | NBC News & The Guardian

COVID vaccine sceptics are getting mandated doses and then turning to questionable “vaxx detoxes”

As COVID-vaccines become more essential in everyday life and travel, anti-vaccine communities are turning to viral “vaccine detox” theories, in order to rid their bodies of the doses. These theories are popping up on platforms like Tik Tok and Facebook, and pushing ideas like cupping, making small incisions on the injection site with a razor, or “un-injecting” shots using syringes. Our Ciarán O’Connor spoke with NBC News about these new viral concepts and how the very design of platforms like TikTok is helping promote potentially dangerous methods.

The Guardian quoted Ciáran’s comments to NBC News in their own article on vaccine detoxes.

Ciarán O’Connor is an Analyst at ISD, working in the Research and Policy unit. You can find a range of his work in our publications section.