December 3, 2021 | Sky News

Antisemitism and racist content buried in hours of podcast material on Spotify

ISD’s Jacob Davey spoke with Sky News on their investigation into extremist material on the popular streaming platform Spotify. Sky News uncovered days worth of audio tracks talking openly about conspiracies, the Kalergi Plan and other antisemitic, racist beliefs.

Davey explained that while these theories and narratives aren’t new, they are dangerous and have become the centre of many discussions between extremists at a global level. “In 2019, when an individual committed a really horrific terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, he was directly doing that in response to this [the Great Replacement] theory” said Davey to Sky News.

“And after that attack, there were a number of others throughout 2019. The spread of these ideas can really have a noticeable impact in compelling people to go on and commit atrocious violence.”