June 9, 2022 | The Conduit

Podcast: Climate action up against delayism and culture wars politics

ISD’s head of climate disinformation, Jennie King, is a guest on The Conduit speaking about climate disinformation and the small, closing window for action we are facing in the fight against those promoting climate delayism narratives.

Jennie, one of the co-authors of our recently released Deny, Deceive, Delay: Documenting and Responding to Climate Disinformation at COP26 and Beyond, explains how climate science is up against a “culture war”, identity and grievance politics, and the emotive stakes at the “real life” level (e.g. cost of living, material changes, freedom of movement, etc.). Listen to the Coduit podcast.

In another podcast with Drilled, Jennie discusses the methodology behind the report and the overlap between climate denialism and forms of extremism. The “culture war” is again in focus as Jennie discusses the obstacles for building public support for climate action. Listen to the Drilled podcast.