November 8, 2021 | Refinery 29

Julia Ebner: “misogyny is a central part of hateful extremism” and should be recognized as a hate crime

As more people spent time online during the pandemic, society has experienced a spike in hateful, misogynistic ideology like the loosely uniform incels movement. Our Julia Ebner spoke with Refinery 29 about the urgency in recognizing the August 2021 Plymouth shooting and the murder of Sarah Everard as hatred toward women and why these acts should be labelled as hate crimes in the UK.

She adds that by recognizing misogyny as a hate crime, Britain would be acknowledging that “misogyny is a central part of hateful extremism that is not covered in current measures to protect women from domestic violence and sexual abuse.”

Julia Ebner is a senior research fellow at ISD. You can find a range of her works in our publications section.