Islamogram: Salafism and Alt-Right Online Subcultures

Islamogram: Salafism and Alt-Right Online Subcultures

Author: Moustafa Ayad
Senior Advisors and Contributing Editors: Farah Pandith & Rashad Ali

Published: 16 November 2021

This report provides an ethnographic deep dive into an emerging online Salafi ecosystem, referred to by its members as ‘Islamogram’. This highly active online community merges Salafist ideas with alt-right memes and gaming subcultures, and represents a hybridised cross-platform challenge, speaking to an emerging trend characterised by increasing ideological fluidity between diverse online extremist communities.

Content warning: This report contains potentially sensitive and extreme imagery.

ISD’s pioneering new research maps the rapidly evolving online Salafi ecosystem, providing a cross-platform snapshot of a broad landscape of English, German and Arabic content. To read about the full series on Salafism click here. 

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