April 18, 2022 | ABC's The Drum

ISD’s Jiore Craig on how voters can stay ahead of “US-exported” disinformation ahead of the elections in Australia

ISD’s Head of Digital Integrity, Jiore Craig, spoke to journalist Kathryn Robinson on Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) The Drum, about electoral mis- and disinformation ahead of the Australian federal election, and how some US-bred narratives have made their way to Australian online spaces.

Jiore explains the difference between mis- and disinformation, how it is used in election campaigns, and what type of online threats analysts are anticipating in the context of Australia’s election. She outlines how voters can get ahead of online mis- and disinformation narratives in an election cycle.

To watch her segment, please forward to 44:15.

Jiore Craig is the Head of Digital Integrity at ISD.