October 20, 2021 | The Washington Post

Social media policies against health disinformation aren’t stopping repeat offenders

ISD’s Aoife Gallagher spoke to the Washington Post exclusively on the findings of our latest report “Ill Advice: A Case Study in Facebook’s Failure to Tackle COVID-19 Disinformation.” The report focuses on the World Doctors Alliance as a case study on how social media platforms are not only failing to stop users who repeatedly go against their supposedly strict policies, but also permitting significant growth while these users push misleading information. Additionally, our findings expose a gap in resources for accurately labelling mis- and disinformation posts, especially when it comes to content edited and shared in languages other than English. Read the full article here.

Aoife Gallagher is an Analyst on ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit. You can find a range of her work in our publications section.