January 6th series

In the years since the January 6 Capitol insurrection, the landscape of extremism in the US and abroad has shifted. Groups, networks and movements continue to take advantage of social media platforms to recruit and amplify their messaging. Old narratives are repackaged to fit the issues of the day, and new narratives are crafted to capitalize on emerging trends. To mark the second anniversary of the Capitol riot, ISD has launched a 6-part series exploring notable themes following the attack, including accountability for big tech, extremists’ digital footprints, and the projected landscape of election denialism. Publications will be added to this page as they become available.


How January 6 inspired election disinformation around the world

By: Jiore CraigCécile Simmons and Rhea Bhatnagar




The key to fighting extremism is accountability

By Jared Holt and Eric Levai 




The new face of transnational extremism

By: Ciarán O’Connor




Two years later: Changes in the domestic extremist threat landscape post-January 6th

By: Katherine Keneally and Laurie Wood



Jan 6 series: How OSINT powered the largest criminal investigation in US history

By: Kevin D. Reyes 



Radical reinforcement: The January 6 attack and the methodology of hybridized extremism 

By: Isabel Jones and Milo Comerford