September 4, 2022 | ABC News

ABC News host asks White House adviser about ISD’s findings following Biden’s speech on the ‘MAGA’ threat

Following President Biden’s speech on primetime last week, ISD found a surge in conversations online framing the remarks about “MAGA” Republicans as an alleged declaration of war against all conservatives and Trump voters.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz asked White House adviser, and former Atlanta mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, about our analysis. Bottoms defended Biden’s remarks on the threat of ‘MAGA’ to US democracy.

“The president has not called out all Republicans. He’s been very specific about this ‘MAGA’ agenda,” she said. “I’ll just remind you of the words of Martin Luther King Jr. when he said that, ‘it’s not the words of our enemies that we will remember. It’s the silence of our friends’ and what the president has said, is that mainstream Republicans, Independents, Democrats, can all come together, we’ve seen us come together, to do what’s right on behalf of the American people.”