February 22, 2022 | ABC

‘Canberra Convoy’ wants a slice of the silent majority

Elise Thomas was interviewed by Australia’s national broadcaster for an episode of 7.30 about the ‘Canberra Convoy’. The program discusses the eclectic nature of the protests taking place in the country’s capital, bringing together diverse groups and individuals in a movement that may be small in numbers but loud in volume.

“Some of them may be there because they just oppose the vaccine mandates, whereas others are there because they have bought into a whole worldview of conspiratorial beliefs,” Elise told the ABC.

“We saw a tussle between a wing of the protesters led by former Qantas pilot, Graham Hood, who were seeking to put a more acceptable face on the protest and make it more palatable to the mainstream and market it in a way that mainstream audiences could accept.”

Social media has been instrumental for the movement’s mobilisation in Canberra, as well as for attracting new followers throughout the country.

Elise Thomas is an OSINT Analyst at ISD, with a background in researching state-linked information operations, disinformation, conspiracy theories and the online dynamics of political movements.