Gamers Who Hate: An Introduction to ISD’s Gaming and Extremism Series

Authors: Jacob Davey
Published: 12th August 2021

This briefing is the first in ISD’s Gaming and Extremism Series exploring the role online gaming plays in the strategy of far-right extremists in the UK and around the world. This is part of a broader programme on the “Future of Extremism” being delivered by ISD in the second half of 2021, charting the transformational shifts in the extremist threat landscape two decades since 9/11, and the policy strategies required to counter the next generation of extremist threats. The series will include reports exploring extremist activity on four gaming-related platforms: Steam, Discord, DLive and Twitch.

The first briefing in the series examining Steam is available here.

The second briefing on Discord can be found here.

The third briefing on DLive can be read here.

The fourth briefing on Twitch can be read here.

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The Business of Hate: Bankrolling Bigotry in Germany and the Online Funding of Hate Groups

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) have published a new study which shows how 17 known German far right groups and actors allegedly use online funding services to fund their activities. These services include companies like Mastercard, Paypal, Giropay and WooCommerce). More than half of these online funding services have Terms of Service (ToS) that should prohibit their use by such sites.