Gaming and Extremism: The Extreme Right on Discord

Authors: Aoife Gallagher, Ciarán O’Connor, Pierre Vaux, Elise Thomas, Jacob Davey

Published: 19 August 2021

This briefing is part of ISD’s Gaming and Extremism Series exploring the role online gaming plays in the strategy of far-right extremists in the UK and globally. This is part of a broader programme on the ‘Future of Extremism’ being delivered by ISD in the second half of 2021, charting the transformational shifts in the extremist threat landscape two decades on from 9/11, and the policy strategies required to counter the next generation of extremist threats. It provides a snapshot overview of the extreme right’s use of Discord.

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La France divisée par la pandémie : panorama de la désinformation en amont des élections de 2022

Ce rapport présente les conclusions d’un travail de recherche concernant la diffusion de désinformation et de mésinformation en amont des élections présidentielles françaises de 2022. Il offre, à travers une analyse qualitative et une cartographie de communautés sur les réseaux sociaux, un état des lieux des acteurs propageant de la désinformation et des discours polarisants avant le scrutin présidentiel en avril 2022.

A France Divided by the Pandemic: The Disinformation Ecosystem Leading up to the 2022 Elections

This report presents the findings of a project investigating disinformation and misinformation ahead of the French 2022 presidential elections. Leveraging a combination of social media analysis, network mapping and qualitative analysis, this study provides an overview of the key communities which were actively spreading disinformation and misinformation on social media ahead of the elections, and the dynamics and narratives shaping these communities.