Innovation Hub

Combining credible voices with tech and communications support to scale-up counter-narrative creation and dissemination

Building on a portfolio of successful collaborations and partnerships, ISD’s Innovation Hub is a comprehensive messaging framework designed to connect and grow networks of credible voices online in order to scale-up counter-narrative creation and dissemination globally.

The Innovation Hub is built around partnerships and coordination, allowing the right expertise and tools to be applied appropriately across the messaging spectrum. Through mapping and research, these networks allow us to better understand how extremists use new technologies to spread propaganda. They also provide the tools to produce online counter-narrative content and share it online. Finally, the aggregated data from messaging dissemination is used to further inform and amplify future messaging efforts.

We work with and support local partners across the world to develop these data-driven campaigns. Rather than creating one-off research and community programmes, we focus on creating replicable models based on potential scale and impact. The Innovation Hub ensures that the cycle of learning and action builds scale and impact for those in the trenches of the battle of ideas.

Selected campaigns