Our Mission

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to safeguarding human rights and combating hate, extremism and disinformation worldwide.

ISD is the leading global ‘think and do’ tank dedicated to understanding and innovating real-world responses to the rising tide of polarisation, hate, extremism and disinformation. We are a charity registered in the UK, USA, France and Germany, headquartered in London with a global footprint that includes teams in Toronto, Dublin, Berlin, Amman, Nairobi, Beirut and the US.

ISD is committed to finding solutions to the most pressing problems of the 21st century: extremism, polarisation, weaponised hate and disinformation. We combine sector-leading expertise in global extremist movements with advanced digital analysis capabilities, in order to deliver innovative, tailor-made policy and operational responses to these threats.

We believe it is the task of every generation to challenge fascistic and totalitarian ideologies and to invest in reinforcing open, democratic, civic culture. Since 2006, we have united a global team of data analysts, researchers, policy experts, frontline practitioners and activists to join the fight at all levels of society, and empower the widest possible audience in finding solutions to hate, extremism and disinformation.

Analysis: We monitor and analyse global trends in extremism, polarisation, hate and disinformation, using cutting-edge technologies and analytics capabilities to inform the global understanding of these evolving threats.

Advice: We formulate and advocate policy solutions and thought leadership at an international, national and local level, in order to support governments, cities and international organisations in responding to threats to their democracies.

Action: We design and deliver evidence-based programmes that empower cities, practitioners, grassroots networks and young people to counter the rise of hate and disinformation, and to mount a proportional response to extremist propaganda.


ISD’s mission is to develop practical solutions and create the architecture needed to tackle the threats of extremism, hate and disinformation head-on. Working with partners from the grassroots through to governments, we pioneer strategies to defeat extremists in the battle of ideas, striving to analyse, innovate and scale responses in contexts across the globe.

Our work begins with deep subject knowledge of extremist movements and disinformation, translated into state-of-the-art digital analysis tools that can track and analyse polarisation and harmful content online.

These sector-leading insights into trends and tactics then form the basis for active programming on the front lines, as well as extensive policy advice and training for governments and international organisations that can realise systemic change.

Through global education programmes and resources, we build the resilience of young people to extremism and equip them with the skills to counter hate speech and disinformation on and offline.

Our impact is amplified by grassroots networks and partnerships that span the public, private and third sectors. These extensive networks make ISD uniquely equipped to bridge research, thought leadership, policy and grass-roots programme delivery, and to distribute innovative, data-driven models at scale.

Innovating, trialling and scaling data-driven solutions across our unique networks of community influencers, city and government officials and tech sector partnerships, we work to mount a soft power strategy, proportional in influence and impact to the ever-more sophisticated, cross-border polarisation and recruitment machineries of state and non-state actors promulgating hate, division and conflict.