Prevention Practitioners Network Training Materials

Since October 2020, ISD has partnered with the McCain Institute and a steering committee of violence prevention and social safety experts to develop an interdisciplinary network of professionals working on the prevention of targeted violence and terrorism in the US. The aim of this initiative is not only to provide a community of practice across the US, but to build the capacity and efficacy of programmes through workshops and practice guides, covering both conceptual and practical elements of delivering prevention and intervention initiatives.

ISD supports the McCain Institute through the development of information packs and practice guides for network members, covering key topics ranging from behavioural assessment to legal liability and staffing multidisciplinary interventions. By leveraging ISD’s global insight and networks, as well as our unique digital research capability, we provide the Network with resources that are informed by international good practice and a joined-up picture of the domestic and international threat landscape.

Resources produced for the Network can be found below, and recordings of past workshops can be found here.

For more information about the Network and its membership, please email [email protected].

Practice Guides:

1. Staffing multi-disciplinary interventions

2. Legal considerations for targeted violence and terrorism prevention

3. The threat landscape and considerations for response

4. Behavioral assessment and behavioral management

5. Comprehensive framework for targeted violence and terrorism


Complementary materials:

1. Risks, needs and threat assessment

2. Staffing multi-disciplinary interventions

3. Civil liability

4. Information sharing

5. Identifying resources for targeted violence and terrorism prevention

6. White supremacy and anti-government militia movements

7. Incel and misoynist violent extremism

8. Internationally-inspired terrorism

9. The role of mis-, dis- and malinformation in targeted violence and terrorism

10. Integrating behavioral assessment and behavioral management

11. Prevention through education

Shared Endeavour Fund: Theory of Change

The Theory of Change for the Shared Endeavour Fund was crafted to guide the design, delivery, and evaluation of the fund, unpacking the causal processes, assumptions & evidence supporting its implementation and outcomes.