Anti-Lockdown Activity: Ireland Country Profile

Published: 15th December 2021

In the years leading up to 2020, Ireland had a number of small, but often loud, fringe groups that pushed a range of ideologies and beliefs, from ethnonationalist groups, to QAnon and 5G conspiracy theorists, and New Age health movements. Although some overlap existed within these movements, especially with the far-right, their narratives rarely made it outside of their online echo chamber.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic many of their narratives have become well-known in the mainstream, propagated through Facebook groups and Telegram channels with thousands of members, and peddled by individuals who had minimal influence before the pandemic but have since become internationally famous. The overlaps between these narratives and right-wing extremism have not disappeared, and the far-right have used the pandemic to spread their own hateful ideologies.

This report investigates the overlaps between anti-lockdown movements, conspiracy theorists and extremists, exploring the key individuals and groups involved, and illustrating the harmful activity that can be traced back to the proliferation of conspiracy theories in online spaces.

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Online Extremism in North Macedonia: Politics, Ethnicities and Religion

This report provides a baseline for the nature and scope of extremist, hateful and polarising narratives in the online ecosystem of North Macedonia. The report provides an overview of some of the most prominent extremist narratives across the political, ethnic, and religious spectrum in the country.