July 14, 2021 | NBC News

Ciarán O’Connor Finds a Loophole for Anti-Vaccine Misinformation on TikTok

While TikTok may review and delete a video for non-factual Covid-19 information or claims, the audio tracks often continues to live on the platform, according to one of ISD’s latest Digital Dispatches, “How TikTok Sounds are Used to Fuel Anti-Vaccine Fears.” These sounds are later accesible to users on the popular social media platform, and could be used to create new versions of the videos without any visible tags or warnings, as was seen in the 124 videos analysed for this study. ISD’s Ciarán O’Connor, author of the study, spoke to NewsNation Now, NBC News and Reuters on his findings.

This segment of NewsNation Now aired on July 13, 2021.

Ciarán O’Connor is an Analyst at ISD, working in the Research and Policy unit. You can find a range of his work in our publications section.