Digital Resilience

Increasing resilience of young people to extremist grooming and propaganda on social media

Social media has rapidly become one of the most important forums in our lives. It is where we gather information, form our worldviews, debate and discuss the issues that matter to us. For our economy, for our political system, and for our individual wellbeing, social media is now a vital space. It has also become a vital space for extremist groups, seeking to communicate, promote their narratives, and recruit.

Despite the rising threat of extremism online, education systems across the world have been slow to react. Not enough is being done to help young people develop the skills they need – not just to stay safe, but to be powerful citizens in the 21st Century.

ISD’s Digital Resilience project seeks to address this urgent need.

It helps young people build resilience to extremist grooming and propaganda on social media, through the development and delivery of engaging educational workshops delivered in schools.

Focusing on critical thinking, media literacy and digital citizenship capacities, the project seeks to develop positive attitudinal and behavioural change. It uses a CVE-implicit, up-stream approach to empower more capable and resilient citizens, and in doing so disrupts the ability of extremist groups to influence, exploit and recruit our young people.