September 23, 2022 | Washington Post

Stock music song twice appropriated by QAnon and Trump

ISD’s Jared Holt spoke to the Washington Post about the latest Donald Trump and QAnon crossover: an innocuous stock music song. The song in question, ‘Mirrors’,  by TV and commercial music composer Will Van De Crommert, has been dubbed a QAnon anthem and has recently been used in campaign videos and rallies for the former president Trump.

The song appeared on Spotify in 2020 titled ‘WWG1WGA’ (Where we go one, we go all), a QAnon slogan. It was then later used by Trump. However, it is unlikely that the song was widely known in the QAnon community until Trump began using it, Jared said.

“It was just a song, some guy was like, ‘This is a Q song,’ no one really did anything,” Jared said. It wasn’t until August 2022 that “the Trump team was like, ‘This is a Trump song,’ and the Q people were like, ‘No, it’s a Q song.’”

References to QAnon by the former president have often increased in moments of crisis or criticism, Jared told the Washington Post. For instance, during one of Trump’s impeachments, as well as around the time of the FBI’s search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the former leader’s references to QAnon became more frequent and explicit.

The song’s composer is pursuing legal action over the use of the song by Trump. Van De Crommert commented to the Washington Post that he does not support either Trump or QAnon.