February 28, 2024 | Euronews

Cécile Simmons on the rising trad wife movement and potential ties to extremist ideologies

ISD Research Manager Cécile Simmons spoke to Euronews about the growing trad wife movement, explaining its origins and outlining the dangers behind the narratives they promote as they can be entry points into white nationalist or supremacist ideologies.

“The trad wife movement is an international movement of women who advocate a return to traditional gender norms through submitting to their husbands and promoting domesticity,” Cécile said.

The movement, which emerged six years ago on social media platforms, gained popularity during the pandemic. “Searches exploded during the pandemic. As with other forms of ‘radicalisation,’ they flourished through people’s sense of isolation.”

Cécile then pointed out that the trad wife movement is not homogenous, but rather represents an ideological spectrum: “Trad wives tend to be conservative and anti-feminist, but this does not mean that they all belong to the far-right. The movement can act as an entry point for white nationalist and supremacist ideology.”

As trad wives call for “submissiveness” to their husbands, Cécile further highlighted how there is danger in the narratives potentially normalising abusive relationships.

She added that while the online movement is largely in the US and UK, with more accounts with a greater following, it could grow over the next few years in France.

Cécile’s interview with Euronews was also featured in Türkiye and Yahoo! News.