October 24, 2022 | Interferenzen

ISD’s Julia Smirnova features in ‘Putin, Peace and Plandemic’, the first episode of Interferenzen

‘Putin, Peace and Plandemic’, the first episode of the German web documentary Interferenzen, looks at the conspiracy scene in Germany and its support for Kremlin propaganda narratives after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. ISD Senior Analyst Julia Smirnova features speaking on the relationship between the far right and the conspiracy ideology scene in Germany, and among Russian state propaganda.

“Already in the months before the full-scale invasion, the Russian state broadcaster RT DE was one of the most shared news sources in the German conspiracy scene on Telegram and Facebook. Prominent influencers from the scene shared content from the Russian state broadcaster or statements from Russian officials posted by the ‘alternative’ German media,” she said. Russian propaganda narratives being spread included false claims that Ukraine was committing a ‘genocide’ against the Russian-speaking population or developing weapons of mass destruction.

The web documentary Interferenzen is developed by the association democ. with the support of the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) and deals with online and offline dynamics of anti-democratic movements.

Julia’s interview is available at minute 9:00 of the video.