June 28, 2022 | AFP

How foreign influence was barred from interfering in the 2022 French elections

Although manipulation operations were still available on social media during the 2022 French elections, their influence on the public’s perception and acceptance of election results was limited, according to our findings alongside the Online Election Integrity Watch Group. However, the working group, made up of ISD and nine other partner organisations, identified worrying trends that could, in the long run, influence the results of future elections.

ISD France’s Senior Advisor, Iris Boyer, spoke with AFP, France’s main news agency, about the conclusions of the investigation, specifically on the barring of Russian influence this year thanks to the EU ban on their state-controlled media outlets.

“The foreign influence that was so feared wasn’t so necessary in spreading rhetoric aimed at challenging the legitimacy of democratic institutions”, Iris said.

Our joint report “The French Information Ecosystem put to the Test” is now available in English and French.

Coverage available on prominent French outlets such as Le Figaro, BFM TV, Ouest-France, Sud France, La Croix, and 20 Minutes.