September 21, 2022 | Tampa Bay Times

Far-right livestreamer sets roots in Florida as he awaits sentencing for role on Jan. 6

As he awaits sentencing for his role in the 2021 Insurrection, Anthime Gionet, or ‘Baked Alaska’ as he is known among his livestreaming fans and fellow white nationalists, has made Florida’s Pinellas County his new home. For the past year, Gionet, direct from a rental home, has continued livestreaming video games and monologues spreading antisemitic and racist rhetoric to fans who donate to his cause.

ISD Senior Manager Jared Holt speaks with the Tampa Bay Times about Gionet’s role in “radicalizing followers with his lively, clownish delivery.”

“This stuff doesn’t exist purely online,” Jared said. “These antics end up having actual consequences in the real world, whether it’s doing something ridiculous for these streamers or saying something to please his audience.”

In recent years, self-declared white nationalists have been setting roots in Florida as the state sees a rise in hate-related incidents, according to the newspaper. Southern Poverty Law Center spokesperson Michael Edison Hayden said of Gionet: “Figures like this feel they are safe in Florida, and I think that has a lot to do with the kind of culture courted by politicians there.”

Gionet’s livestreams are currently held on a streaming platform that was launched by fellow white nationalist, Nick Fuentes. Fuentes has been the organizer behind four conferences in the state since 2020, meant to challenge CPAC for not being extreme enough in conservative views.

Gionet’s will be sentenced on Jan 12. after pleading guilty this summer to one misdemeanor count of parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building.