November 21, 2022 | Mother Jones

Anti-vaxxers switch focus to RSV, related vaccine

ISD Analyst Aoife Gallagher spoke to Mother Jones about the latest pivot from the anti-vaccine and COVID-denial community, who are switching their focus to the surge of RSV cases in the US. By recycling the same myths, sceptics are adapting their narratives to the latest virus, questioning if the vaccine that has been created for it comes at an opportune time.

Aoife explains that the false narratives around RSV not only include vaccines, but also goes after broad public health measures. She cites multiple examples of ‘influencers’ picking up and amplifying this narrative– an attempt to continue eroding public trust in healthcare.

“We’re starting to see the impacts of the broadening of anti-vaccine campaigns over the last few years,” said Aoife. “But I think it’s going to be years down the line until we really come to terms with the effect they’re having.”