11 May 2022Amman

Young people showcase initiatives for peace and social cohesion in Jordan

Young Cities showcase event in Jordan

Young Cities, with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local partner the WANA Institute, held its first showcase in Amman, Jordan, earlier this month, featuring projects by young people on combatting various issues within the community.

The event, held on 11 May, provided a platform for Young Cities programme participants to share their initiatives on COVID-19, disinformation, cyberbullying and disability inclusion with local, national and international leaders. They did this through presentations, interactive booths, puppet theatre, art therapy trainings and awareness-raising meetings.

Fifteen young people presented their projects to 65 multi-sector stakeholders. Attendees included the Mayors of Karak, Irbid and Zarqa and the Local Prevention Networks (LPNs) from each city, the Norwegian Embassy, the Ministry for Local Administrations, and leaders in various sectors including civil society (youth centres and NGOs), academia (University of Jordan and Royal Scientific Society) and private sector start-ups.

The Mayor of Zarqa and members of the WANA Institute said the showcase event was an important reminder that young people are not only the future of the country’s peace and social cohesion efforts, but also the present.

Events like these are important to elevate young people as critical actors in addressing key community challenges.