6 Oct 2020Online

Podcast: Your Undivided Attention

Zahed Amanullah is the featured guest on the latest “Your Undivided Attention” podcast by Tristan Harris of the Centre for Humane Technology and Netflix’s The Social Dilemma. He discusses ISD’s first major project in sub-Saharan Africa where our team helped coordinate and train dozens of NGOs in Kenya to disseminate campaigns during the 2017 Kenyan presidential elections to combat recruitment by extremist groups like Al Shabaab and ISIS. After securing support from Facebook, Google and Twitter, the campaigns reached 4.6 million Kenyans addressing issues like electoral violence, religious bigotry, extremist recruitment, and violence against women. The findings were lauded by Kenya’s National Counter-Terrorism Centre and informed much of ISD’s subsequent election-related support activities for community organisations.

Listen to the podcast here.