November 27, 2022 | Franceinfo

ISD’s Zoé Fourel on the infiltration of ‘femonationalists’ in the French feminist movement

ISD Research Coordinator Zoé Fourel interviewed with the show “Vrai ou fake“, Franceinfo‘s fact-checking programme that looks back on the weekly newscycle. In her interview, Zoé focuses on the infiltration of “Collectif Nemisis” in the Nous toutes demonstration, a feminism protest that convenes once a year to denounce sexist and sexual violence. Collectif Nemisis, however, is considered a far-right identitarian organisation that promotes a femonationalist rhetoric, under the cloak of feminism. The interview referenced the French identitarian report produced by ISD in early 2022 and discussed the relationship between feminism and the far-right.

The full interview is available in French. Zoé features at 19:15.