Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #12


Ireland’s Media Commission holds consultations on the Online Safety Code for and the designation of video-sharing platform services. The UK prepares for the implementation of the Online Safety Bill. The FTC opened an investigation into OpenAI’s Large Language Model and the White House agrees voluntary principles with AI companies.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #11


Australia published a call for feedback on the Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation Bill 2023. The Council of the EU adopted its approach on the European Media Freedom Act. New Zealand opened a consultation on a regulatory framework for safer experiences online.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #10


Germany’s Federal Ministry of Justice proposed key points for a ‘Law against digital violence’, whilst the Federal Office of Justice opened fine proceedings against Twitter. Switzerland prepares a draft bill on the regulation of communication platforms. The UK’s OSB entered its Committee Stage.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #9


Tech companies report their user numbers in the EU to be officially designated as VLOPs and VLOSEs by the European Commission. EU institutions negotiate the Commission’s proposal for a European Media Freedom Act. Ireland sets up a new media regulator, the Coimisiún na Meán (Media Commission).

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #8


Germany fines Telegram for failing to comply with its obligations in the NetzDG to provide legally compliant reporting channels and to designate a domestic agent, and more developments at the EU level, including debates over the European Media Freedom Act and the proposed rules for online political advertising.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #7


The Irish Data Protection Authority issues a record GDPR fine of 405 million euros to Instagram over failure to protect children’s data, the Christchurch Call publishes new initiative on algorithmic outcomes, and California signs a social media transparency bill.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #6


Canada sets out a new broadcasting policy, the EU’s final vote over the DSA and DMA, and an overview of policy proposals and incoming laws in DPL countries concerning platform transparency.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #5


The lead up to the vote over the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, the 2022 Code of Practice on Disinformation, and more.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #4


More than 60 countries, including DPL members, endorsed the ‘Declaration for the Future of the Internet’ in support of an open, free, interoperable, reliable and secure internet, while committing to protect and respect human rights online.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #3


We look at the EU’s newly adopted sanctions against Kremlin-backed outlets RT and Sputnik, the US’s Digital Services Oversight and Safety Act of 2022, and more.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #2


In this issue, we outline the latest behind the Social Media (anti-Trolling) Bill in Australia, the EU’s proposal on a regulation on the transparency and targeting of political ads, and more.

Digital Policy Lab: Policy Digest #1


In this issue, we looked at digital policy developments regarding the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal, the approach of member countries to cross-harms threatening electoral integrity, and more.