A Snapshot of Far-Right Activity on Gab in Australia

Published: 19 May, 2021
Authors: Cécile Guerin, Mario Peucker, Thomas J. Fisher and Jacob Davey

On 27 October 2018, an American white supremacist made a final post on the fringe social media platform Gab before entering a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and shooting and killing 11 people. The platform, which was launched in 2016 and bills itself as a champion of free speech, has gained notoriety in recent years for hosting a range of far-right extremist communities. In 2021, following the 6 January storming of the US Capitol building by a range of far-right extremists, Gab reported a record uptick in new members, as far-right communities that had been banned on Twitter and Facebook moved to the platform.

As mainstream social media platforms increase their content moderation and scrutiny of far-right extremists, the role of alternative social media and online platforms in driving extremist mobilisation of the far-right has been the subject of growing concern. Assessing the activities of far-right actors on Gab is important to understand the nature of contemporary far-right mobilisation online. However, the role that Gab plays in the Australian context is still poorly evidenced. To help build an understanding of how Australian far-right actors use the platform, researchers at ISD and VU analysed the content of Australian far-right users on the platform between 1 January and 30 September 2020.

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News Feed, Reels & »Für Dich«: Wie algorithmische Ranking-Praktiken unser Online-Umfeld beeinflussen und schützen könnten

Dieser Bericht zeigt auf, wie algorithmische Ranking-Praktiken der Online-Plattformen unsere Diskurse und unser Verhalten beeinflussen und gefährden können. Die Analyse diskutiert methodische und epistemische Lücken bei der Auditierung von Algorithmen und untersucht zudem neue Ansätze, die darauf abzielen, algorithmisches Ranking für ein sicheres und transparentes Online-Umfeld zu nutzen.