May 17, 2024 | Axios

ISD, CAP and 51 organizations urge Meta to delay shutting down CrowdTangle ahead of elections

ISD and the Center for American Progress (CAP) sent a letter to Meta executives last week on behalf of 51 organizations and researchers urging them to delay the closure of its digital monitoring tool, CrowdTangle, which has been essential at monitoring election threats. The letter was featured in Axios‘ Tech Policy newsletter.

The letter, sent on 7 May, outlines how Meta’s decision to shut down CrowdTangle and replace it with the Meta Content Library after 14 August 2024, will jeopardize essential pre- and post-election oversight mechanisms in the US. Therefore, the letter requests that CrowdTangle remains operational beyond US Inauguration Day, through at least 31 January 2025, and that organizations currently using CrowdTangle are granted access to the Meta Content Library moving forward.

A press release about the letter is available on our website.