May 12, 2022 | The Guardian

GB News appoints climate sceptic as chairman

ISD’s Jennie King spoke to the Guardian about the appointment of known climate change-sceptic, Alan McCormick, as GB News chairman.

Jennie described GB News as a “central hub” for climate scepticism, where news anchors like Nigel Farage incite public distrust for climate policies. She added that the station’s “influence increasingly extends beyond UK borders”.

“Using GB News as a platform, Farage and others have almost single-handedly manufactured controversy around a net zero referendum, despite minimal evidence of public support,” Jennie told the Guardian. “Such content not only influences policymaking in the UK, but is excerpted and used by anti-climate movements across the globe.”

Jennie King is Head of Civic Action and Education at ISD, supporting programme design, policy outreach and strategy across the organisation.