July 13, 2022 | Grid

Conspiracists and nationalists support Dutch farmers’ protest against climate measures

Senior Analyst at ISD US, Katherine Keneally, spoke to Grid about the convergence of climate policies and conspiracies currently playing out in the Netherlands.

What began as Dutch farmers mobilising across the country in protest of government policies to curb nitrogen emissions, has since gained support from nationalists and conspiracists who claim the measure to be part of a wider ‘Great Reset’ or ‘Great Replacement’ plot.

International far-right personalities, such as Tucker Max, have agitated support for the protests, making comparisons between recent fires at farms and food facilities across the world to supposed efforts by ‘globalists’ to replace white populations.

“Those incidents have been used by conspiracists and particularly far right extremists to essentially tell the story that the destruction of these plants and farms is by high-profile individuals” like George Soros or Bill Gates, “to starve out the population,” Katherine told Grid.