Gen-Z & The Digital Salafi Ecosystem: Executive Summary

Gen-Z & The Digital Salafi Ecosystem: Executive Summary

Authors: Milo Comerford, Moustafa Ayad & Jakob Guhl
Senior Advisors and Contributing Editors: Farah Pandith & Rashad Ali

Published: 16 November 2021

In this executive summary, ISD presents key findings from our pioneering research into the rapidly shifting online Salafi ecosystem. Exploring the intersection of Gen-Z identities and digital Salafism, the research explores a broad spectrum of English, German and Arabic content, including the resonance of specific subcultures, narratives and youth-oriented platforms. This digital snapshot is contextualised within broader debates around Salafism and its online and offline manifestations, laying out the implications of the data findings for effective policymaking and proportionate civil society responses.

ISD’s pioneering new research maps the rapidly evolving online Salafi ecosystem, providing a cross-platform snapshot of a broad landscape of English, German and Arabic content. To read about the full series on Salafism click here. 

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