June 9, 2024 | RTÉ, the Irish Times & more

Doxxing, threats and harassment: Intimidation toward election candidates in 2024 raises concerns in Ireland

ISD’s joint analysis with Hope and Courage Collective (H&CC) found 36 incidents of politically-motivated violence targeting female and migrant-background candidates with doxxing, threats and harassment online. While the investigation revealed incidents targeting figures across the political spectrum, most attacks were influenced by far-right rhetoric, mirroring trends seen across Europe. Our findings are featured in RTÉ, and the Journal and in multiple articles for the Irish Times (campaign analysis, local and EU ballot counting, Cork City Council candidate, and the Journal). 

When speaking to the Irish Times, ISD Senior Analyst and report co-author Aoife Gallagher said: “It’s unprecedented. We haven’t these levels of vitriol and anger before. It’s affecting minority candidates but also well-established parties. Things have definitely got worse.”

The full Dispatch is available on our website.