February 20, 2024 | Berliner Morgenpost

Farmers’ protests in Germany and and ideological connections to the far right

ISD research features in the Berliner Morgenpost and over a dozen other regional German daily newspapers of the publishing group “Funke Mediengruppe”, bringing insight on recent farmers’ protests that have reached Germany and connections to far right ideology. Based on numerous examples, researchers Paula Matloch and Sara Bundtzen found that some of the farmers who played a key role in organising the protests were tied into a larger conspiracy ideology and far-right network. The farmers were found to be drawing on known far-right and populist narratives – including the ‘Great Reset‘ conspiracy and climate change denial.  

“It was initially assumed that the right-wingers had spread within the demonstrating farmers and infiltrated their demonstrations,” Paula said to the Berliner Morgenpost. “However, we were able to prove that some farmers themselves are connected to a larger conspiracy ideology network that even extends beyond Germany.” According to Paula, the “farmers’ protests were therefore not only hijacked by the right,” but the extreme right-wing “sentiments” came in part from the farmers themselves. 

In the investigation, Paula and Sara conclude that there is an “international network of farmers, alternative media, conspiracy theorist and far-right actors that promote climate change denialism, antisemitic conspiracies, and a disregard for their democratically elected governments – both offline and online,” as featured in the article.  

ISD’s Dispatch “Chance or cultivation? Farmers’ protests in Germany and the far right” is available in English and German.