The Order of Nine Angles

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The Order of Nine Angles (O9A) is a decentralized, satanic, neo-Nazi organization. O9A adherents believe Western civilization’s Judeo-Christian heritage corrupts modern society and seek to overthrow and replace the current order with a new imperial order based on Fascism, Social Darwinism and Satanism. O9A ideology has spread and become both increasingly influential and divisive among accelerationist neo-Nazi groups in recent years.



The O9A was established in the early 1970’s by British neo-Nazi activist David Myatt. It went through a brief lull in the 1990s and early 2000s before becoming active on social media in 2008. Myatt, writing under the pseudonym “Anton Long”, developed the system of teachings, training and initiations that now define the O9A.

Myatt’s teachings include the core concept of “Aeonics”, that every human civilization corresponds to an “aeon”. The current “aeon” is present-day Western civilization, which O9A followers believe will ultimately fall and be replaced with a new militaristic social order called the “Imperium”, associated with Nazi revival. O9A followers believe that after the “Imperium” a sixth aeon will form, in which the Aryan race will colonize outer space.

O9A teachings state that Judeo-Christian values, racial equality, human rights, democracy, communism, and capitalism are intrusive forces opposed to the fulfillment of the “Imperium” and subsequent ascendancy of the Aryan race, and must therefore be destroyed from within through satanic rituals and direct action.

Why is it dangerous?

Described by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as holding “an important position in the niche, international nexus of occult, esoteric, and/or satanic neo-Nazi groups”, the O9A shares many beliefs with accelerationist groups, including the perception that Western society is decadent; antisemitism; the lionization of Nazis; and a desire to bring about societal collapse. O9A has increasingly emerged as a reference and influence on individuals involved in neo-Nazi terrorism cases.

Between April 2019 to April 2021, HOPE not Hate recorded eight neo-Nazis convicted of terror offenses in the UK, with two further linked to O9A or in possession of O9A material pending judgement. The majority of cases involved young, male teenagers.


O9A Practises

Sexual abuse

Several O9A texts promote rape and pedophilia as a way to transgress against civilized norms and in 2020, the UK authorities reported being “concerned by the number of paedophiles associated with the O9A”. As of 2019, six neo-Nazi followers of O9A in the US and the UK have been convicted of sexual assault and posession of child abuse material.

However, the O9A’s encouragement of these activities, and the infiltration of O9A ideology into online neo-Nazi spaces has been a source of internal conflict among groups such as the now disbanded Atomwaffen Division (AWD). By 2018, the AWD’s ideology had become increasingly influenced by O9A beliefs under new leadership, with the group adding two core O9A texts to its required reading list and engaging in more violence as its ideology became more extreme. Several members left AWD in protest against this and organizational splits occurred within the broader movement, with the British AWD affiliate “System Resistance Network” splintering along a pro-O9A ideological faultline to form the more extreme Sonnenkrieg Division in 2018. Members of the group openly celebrate rape, paedophilia and murder, and five individuals connected with the Sonnenkrieg Division have been convicted on terrorism charges in the UK since its formation in 2018.

Insight Roles

O9A followers are encouraged to commit random acts of extreme violence, sexual assaults and the “culling” of human victims to accelerate the breakdown of the current Judeo-Christian Western system.

The adoption of “insight roles”, where O9A followers are encouraged to infiltrate organizations such as the police, military, political or religious groups for 6-18 months, is perceived as another way to destabilize the system, and a way O9A followers can progress through the organization’s graded hierarchy system known as the “Seven Fold Way”.


In June 2020, a US Army private and O9A supporter was convicted on terrorism charges, after it was found that he sent sensitive information about his military unit to O9A members, whom formed part of a group calling itself “RapeWaffen” on Telegram, in an attempt to facilitate a “mass casualty” attack.

RapeWaffen is one of the most explicitly O9A-affiliated channels on Telegram, and actively promotes “white supremacy extremism, neo-Nazi Satanism, and rape against women” as a way to transgress against civilized norms and undermine society. In the same month (June 2020), another active member of the US military, Shandon Simpson, was found to have participated in the RapeWaffen group.

A study by HOPE not Hate reported that videos of women being subjected to sexual abuse, as well as videos of extreme violence and murder, were shared in private group chats related to the channel. According to the report, one post on the group read “by the Order of The 9 Angels [sic] I will do my best to fulfill the prophecy of the Rape War, heil Rape”, with the creator of the channel providing followers of the group with details of where to find victims and describing in other right-wing extremist Telegram groups his attempt to spread his ideas into other hate and terrorist groups.


09A Affiliated Arrests

July 2019 – Two young men from the UK aged 18 and 19-years old were arrested in London and Portsmouth, respectively, for terrorism offenses and possession of indecent images of children. Both were reported as being part of the O9A-affiliated Sonnenkrieg Division and were sentenced to jail by a London court.

September 2019 – A 24-year old male serving-US-soldier based in Kansas, USA was charged and sentenced for distributing information about explosives and planning to target CNN headquarters with a car bomb “for the glory of his Satanist religion”.

November 2019 – A 16-year old male from Durham, UK was found guilty of preparing terrorist attacks against the Jewish community between October 2017 – March 2019. The O9A symbol was found hand-drawn on his “terror manual”.

January 2020 – Three individuals who were members of The Base, proscribed as a terrorist organization in the UK, were arrested in Georgia, USA for conspiring to murder a couple they believed to be antifacist. One of the three was an 18-year old male who had reportedly “used his free time to read up on neo-Nazi philosophy, the fascist occult group the Order of Nine Angles”.

March 2020 – A former AWD leader was arrested in Texas and later charged in Virginia, USA with making 134 death and bomb threats against reporters and minority communities, as well as sharing child pornography. It was under this leadership that “AWD’s ideology…became increasingly influenced…the Order of Nine Angles”.

June 2020 – A 22-year old male who was a serving US military paratrooper from Kentucky, USA was charged with conspiring and attempting to murder military service members, and attempting to provide sensitive information “for the purpose of facilitating an attack on the unit” to the O9A-affiliated RapeWaffen Telegram group.

September 2020 – An 18-year old male from London pleaded guilty to 14 terrorism offenses and two counts of possession of child pornography. Police retrieved “4,200 images and 302 files… including an extreme rightwing terrorist book and documents relating to Satanism, neo-Nazism and antisemitism” from his personal devices, some of which encouraged acts of terror in the name of the Sonnenkrieg Division.

September 2020 – A 34-year old man was charged with first degree murder after he stabbed a Muslim man to death in an apparently random attack in Toronto. Social media accounts established as belonging to the man promoted the O9A: his Youtube channel contained videos of him performing chants associated with O9A ceremonies, and revealed an altar with the symbol of the O9A adorning a monolith in his home.

February 2021 – A 16-year old male from Cornwall, UK, who was said to have been the leader of the UK branch of the neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division, and who posted online about “‘gassing’ Jewish people, hanging gay people and wanting to ‘shoot up their parades’”, plead guilty to 12 terrorism-related charges, which he committed between the ages of 13-14 years old. In a previous police search of his house in 2019, a copy of the O9A-affiliated text “Iron Gates” was found in his possession. He is the youngest person ever convicted on terror charges in the UK.

August 2021 – A man who killed two sisters in London was reported to have done so to fulfill a “demonic pact” and was “closely associated” with the O9A, having participated in an O9A internet forum.


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