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Insights No 9

13th of November, 2020
Bankrolling Hate, German online extremism, Coordinated inauthentic behavior on Facebook, and more.

Insights No 8

20th of October, 2020
Online abuse of candidates in the US 2020 Elections, ISD launches Digital Dispatches, Strong Cities Network 5 Year Anniversary, and more.

Insights No 7

22nd of September, 2020
ISD Uncovers Substantial Online Jihadist Cache, weekly newsletter Lens on Hate is launched, Launch of London's Shared Endeavour Fund, and more.

Insights No 6

20th of August, 2020
ISD responds to the crisis in Lebanon, A Snapshot of Holocaust Denial Across Social Media, ISD identifies pro-Chinese Communist Party Twitter networks, and more.

Insights No 5

3rd of July, 2020
Anatomy of a disinformation empire: Investigating NaturalNews, An online environmental scan of right-wing extremism in Canada, Telegram: A safe space for white supremacy?, and more.

Insights No 4

June, 2020
COVID-19 Disinformation Briefing No.4, How to support BAME communities during COVID-19, COVID-19, Misinformation, and Anti-Muslim Violence in India, and more.

Insights No 3

May, 2020
COVID-19 Disinformation Briefing No.3, Webinar to Watch: 'Preventing Violent Extremism in the Classroom' at SXSW, Jacob Davey (Senior Research Manager) spoke to The Guardian about how COVID-19 may be giving extremists opportunities to recruit, and more.

Insights No 2

May, 2020
ISD Investigation with BBC Click: Far-right spreads COVID-19 'infodemic' on Facebook, Comparing Jihadist and Far-Right Extremist Narratives on COVID-19, Strong Cities Network: Helping local leaders respond to COVID-19, and more.

Insights No 1

April, 2020
Covid 19 Briefing #2: How White Supremacists and the far-right are mobilising in the US, Webinar of the Week: 'Using Social Listening to confront Covid 19' as part of the Skoll World Forum, Zahed Amanullah (Resident Fellow) spoke out about his experience being ‘Zoom-bombed’ by an unidentified user sharing racist slurs and images, and more.