Digital Analysis Unit

ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit combines social listening and natural language processing tools with leading ethnographic researchers to better understand how technology is used by extremist and hateful groups.

We use commercial tools that aggregate social media data to analyse broad trends in discussion and how they may be influenced by hateful groups and disinformation. Using tools co-developed by ISD, we are able to analyse specific types of hateful speech online and trace where this speech comes from.

We use these insights to help policymakers and companies craft informed policy responses to hate and disinformation, and to help communities mount responses at the local level.

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ISD’s Hate Mapper allows us to identify hateful, polarising and divisive discourse and geo-locate online posts to state, county or city level.

Our suite of social listening tools also allows us to better understand how hateful and extremist groups leverage social media to recruit and spread propaganda.

Our Elections Analysis Unit identifies the ways disinformation and hate intersect online, particularly in the context of elections.


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