One to One

Facilitating interventions between former extremists and young people who show extremist tendencies online

Violent extremists are increasingly using peer-to-peer messaging to engage potential recruits on social media. ISD’s One to One programme uses a similar approach to dissuade and disengage extremist sympathisers online.

Using digital tools which utilise publicly available information, we map and locate users expressing extremist sentiment online.  Following this identification, our intervention providers engage in constructive dialogue online with these individuals, offering a positive alternative and deterring them from joining violent extremist groups.

Our intervention providers consist of former extremists, survivors of extremist violence and counsellors. The “formers” and survivors who initiate these conversations are drawn from our Against Violent Extremism (AVE) network – the largest network of former extremists and survivors of extremism in the world. These individuals have the credibility and insight needed to carry out these highly sensitive conversations with radicalised individuals online.

By combining the latest digital mapping with our established human networks, these interventions can have a significant impact in preventing extremism.

Our One to One programme has engaged radicalised individuals.