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Strong Cities Network members
'at risk' individuals online
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To accomplish our objectives, ISD operates in a series of parallel, yet interconnected, work streams. Each work stream informs the next and forms an iterative process where learnings are aggregated and applied to future efforts. These work streams consist of the following:

Research & Insight: ISD Research combines in-depth analysis of audience, networks and content to accurately interpret the threat of violent extremism online and offline. It is our global qualitative and quantitative research, using the latest in cutting-edge online analytics, that informs the development of our innovative programmes and training models. Click here to learn more.

Grassroots Networks: Extremism is a global phenomenon that is ill served by top-down approaches. We work to empower and facilitate independent, grassroots networks to take the lead at the front lines, applying their local expertise and credibility in a way that delivers impact at scale. Click here to learn more.

Communication & Technology: We have pioneered the application of data, technology and marketing tactics to mount proportional responses to extremist messaging. Our proprietary influencer mapping software informs how content is created, targeted, and measured for impact. We also facilitate direct interventions across ideologies with radicalised individuals online. Click here to learn more.

Education: Our research has shown that education plays a critical role in undermining extremist ideologies and support for extremist groups, disrupting their activities at the roots. ISD’s global education programmes build the resilience of young people to extremism through the development of vital skills from critical thinking to social and emotional learning. Click here to learn more.

Policy & Advisory: ISD provides strategic advice to over 15 governments and 100 cities worldwide, allowing us to facilitate the exchange of best practice between policy-makers and practitioners to coordinate counter-extremism programmes. ISD also provides high-level strategic advice to the tech sector to harmonise efforts with governments and civil society. Click here to learn more.