About ISD

We are facing a global crisis of polarisation, hate and extremism. The most visible aspects of this are the sharp spikes we see in hate crime and terrorism around the world.

The escalating influence of extremist movements poses a systemic threat to a secure, cohesive and free society. ISD develops real-world solutions to the rising challenge of extremist movements and the ideologies that underpin them.

For over a decade, ISD has been a global source of independent analysis, expert policy advice, and on-the-ground programming to respond to extremism, polarisation and misinformation.

Explore our areas of work

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    Policy and government advisory

    We combine cutting edge data analysis and policy advisory support to governments, cities and international organisations. Explore policy and governments.

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    Communications and technology

    We harness data, technology and marketing tactics to mount a proportional response to extremist propaganda and messaging. Explore communications and technology.

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    We develop global education programmes and resources to build the resilience of young people to hate speech, misinformation and extremism. Explore education.

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    Research and insight

    We monitor and analyse global trends in extremism and polarisation in all its forms. Explore research and insight.

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    Grassroots networks

    We create and empower grassroots networks to push back against hate and build communities around the world. Explore grassroots networks.

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