Service: Technology Provider for Solution to Detect, Track and Mitigate Information Threats on the Internet

September 28, 2023
Preferred Start Date:
October 1, 2023
Contract Type:
Service provider contract
Contract Amount:
€100,000.00 is the maximum net price available for this contract. However, ISD will be evaluating bids.

Extremist and authoritarian communication and propaganda campaigns play a crucial role in shaping people’s identities and undermining democratic norms and institutions. In the context of the Russian regime, there has been a long-term effort to undermine the Western alliance and its multilateral institutions. This therefore represents one of the key threats to democracy and human rights today. As the Western Balkan countries are not yet fully integrated into European and transatlantic multilateral institutions, the region is vulnerable and a target for Kremlin influence campaigns. There is therefore an urgent need for continuous digital analysis to identify pro-Kremlin dis- and misinformation targeting the Western Balkans.

To help combat this, ISD will soon be monitoring, recording and analysing pro-Kremlin influence and disinformation campaigns in the Western Balkans. The focus will be on the Serbian language area (Serbia, but also Serbian-speaking communities in Montenegro and Republika Srpska) and Northern Macedonia. To do this, we will combine our in-house digital analysis team with the technology solution we are tendering here. Evidence will be used to inform policymakers, civil society and strategic communication efforts so that the Kremlin’s attempts to influence the future direction of policy in the region can be countered.

The results of these analyses will be summarised in a research report of approximately 60 pages. Results will also be made available to a wider audience, both nationally and internationally, through cooperation with media outlets. Based on the results of our research, as well as the three typology working groups within the project, ISD will additionally create a typology of different disinformation threats.

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